List of Services

Ergonomics Training

MCOSH provides grant-funded training to workers, unions and employers with the goal of reducing the incidence of disabling musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries among workers within the Southern Tier and Central NY regions. To achieve this goal we train at-risk workers and their supervisors/managers to recognize and understand the ergonomic hazards of their jobs and ways of reducing injury risk. We will also conduct ergonomic risk assessments as needed and, where indicated, will work with workers, unions and employers to implement appropriate job or worksite modifications.

Young Worker Program

MCOSH has two teen trainers on staff that help organize workshops to educate young workers on issues of workplace safety. During 2015-16 Peer Trainers Antonio Troiana led workshops reaching more than 50 young people to teach them how to recognize hazards in the workplace and how to exercise their legal rights. A major objective is for Peer Leaders to train young people to also train others about their workplace rights, safety and health. Our program also provides training to teachers, parents and employers on how to protect the safety and health of young workers.

Immigrant Workers

MCOSH works in collaboration with community organizations, workers' centers, unions, government agencies, and advocacy groups to increase workplace safety for immigrant workers through training, education and advocacy. MCOSH offers a number of trainings, including, but not limited to: Know Your Rights, Hazardous Chemicals (HazComm), and OSHA Rights.