Immigrant and Low-Wage Worker Training & Advocacy


Midstate COSH works in collaboration with other community organizations, workers’ centers and government agencies to increase workplace safety and health for farmworkers, immigrant and other low-wage workers through training, education and advocacy.

Outreach for Training with the Working Poor

We offer a number of training topics, including but not limited to:

  • Know Your Rights Under OSHA
  • Hazardous Chemicals (HazComm) and Identifying & Controlling Hazards.

We travel to area farms to train workers; we work through English as a Second Language classes and in job training programs to train immigrant and low-wage workers. We also advocate for low wage workers to organize themselves to protect their rights under OSHA. Currently, we are supporting farmworker leaders in their lawsuit against New York State’s exclusion of farmworkers from the right to collective bargaining. We also support the Ben & Jerry’s model of paying a premium to their dairy farm suppliers which supports a living wage and provides a grievance procedure for Vermont dairy farmworkers.

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