Accident waiting to happen

Quiz reveals if your place of work is an ‘accident waiting to happen’

Quiz reveals if your place of work is an ‘accident waiting to happen’

Source: New York Post

Is your workplace a health and safety nightmare? A new quiz reveals whether it ticks all the boxes — or just stacks them in front of the fire exits. The game follows research which revealed three in 10 consider their workplace an “accident waiting to happen.”

A whopping 59 percent think their employer needs to do more to put fewer staff at risk.

And 71 percent said their desks are not configured properly, meaning they regularly suffer aches and pains.

More than half (55 percent) complain about poor air quality – reckoning they go the entire day without breathing fresh air.

A spokesman for Andrews Air Quality, which commissioned the research, said: “There’s no doubt some majorly varying workplaces across the country when it comes to health and safety.

“And while there are lots of really obvious dangers that can befall you at work, like being in a busy warehouse environment, many risks are a lot more low key.

“Things like not sitting at a properly-configured desk day in and day out, for example, can play havoc with your back.

“And air quality is also tremendously important, especially now we are in a world where Covid exists and fresh air is absolutely vital.”

Just over half of the 2,000 working adults polled have been injured at work – from a scratch to a broken bone.

And the main cause of injury risk was deemed to be mental – overworked employees at risk of burnout (27 percent).

Another 23 percent regularly work around cables they believe could be a tripping hazard, while 19 percent say they don’t get any natural light.

A further one in five have worked places that have had spillages that have not been cleaned up, and 15 percent have seen plug sockets overloaded with electrical items.

One in four respondents confess to not knowing their company’s fire policy – and the same amount have reported a health hazard, only to see it ignored.

As many as three in 10 have actually quit a job because they felt it was too dangerous, according to the data.

More than a tenth (13 percent) of office workers report their office windows don’t open, depriving them of a fresh breeze.

Take the quiz here! Interested in making your workplace safer? Contact us! We can provide training, support, and even help you organize a worker committee.